#2 of „four seasons“

The second picture from the „four seasons – St. Jakob im Walde panorama“ project is now ready.

Winter and spring is coming soon!

My current biggest panorama

Beautiful view on Stuhleck with wind engines and Pretul made out of 11 photos

29.170 x 4.920 px @ 240 dpi = 144 Mp

da moXn goes Fachwirt

Reason to celebrate?

Oh Yeah – I think so!

After 2 Years, da moXn becomes the certificate „Fachwirt für Medieninformatik und Mediendesign“!

The academy media computer science and media design (short FAMI) makes you a expert in the areas of print, web and multimedia with an expansion of general education. The training focuses specifically on complex, cross-sectoral professional tasks.

In addition to the technical qualifications of each participant is encouraged in the development of personal skills. Topics such as communication, technique, teamwork and leadership are complement the training.
The content: desktop publishing, web design, multimedia design, promotion & marketing communications, business management principles and personality development.

 Look for more informations: WIFI Graz

#1 of “four seasons”

Starting a new project „four seasons“ which shows the four seasons of „St Jakob im Walde“ in panorma view.